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Back in May, Bézier (Robert Yang) began a radio show residency for Frankfurt am Main based station EOS. Every month you can find a new selection of music from Robert's collection and more recent finds.

More about @eosfrankfurt: "EOS Radio is an emerging online platform for contemporary electronic music operating from Frankfurt am Main. It aims at building an expansive, community-oriented infrastructure for fostering and interconnecting artists and music professionals. In addition to a web radio at its core, EOS incorporates an affiliated label and a broad network of experts and collaborators as a starting point for new possible formats, mentorings and alliances.

To counteract the long-term aftereffects of the current situation, EOS Radio dedicates its undertakings to one thing above all: amplifying the sounds in which our present is inscribed and strengthening the musical communities behind them."

Official Site: EOS Radio