Mixes and Podcasts

EOS: Radio Residency @eosfrankfurt 1:00hr
The third show for my residency with Frankfurt based radio station: EOS Radio. Originally aired on July 23rd 2021. Tracklist: 01. Niklas Wandt – Küsnacht 02. INVT – Sacred Space 03. Keumel – Ignition 04. Gerome Sportelli – Growth 05. D.K. – Resonant Drift 06. Kiddy.wav – Bitch Move 07. Sunju Hargun – フーイズ カサンドラ 08. Aaron Maple – Dhak Ye Dil (Aaron Maple edit) 09. ELO – Jax 10. Smogo – Espirit Frappeur 11. Gonno – Acdise #2 (Skudge Feels It Version) 12. Daniel Kyo – Next To Me 13. Rambal Cochet – Designer Drugs 14. Paradiso Rhythm – Palace of Haus 15. Fahmi Mursyid – Sunda Bamboo

Fault Radio Guest Mix: Bézier @faultradio 1:07hr
New mix for San Francisco Bay Area based, grassroots non-profit dedicated to creating a hub for modern electronic music and DJ culture. Tracklist: 01. Vice City - 驚蟄 Kenn Ti̍t 02. Elfenberg - Necropolis Nights 03. Daniel Kyo - INorganic Beings 04. DJ Shiksai with Shinpei Watanabe - Chambering Thumb (Original Mix) 05. Front de Cadeau - Casa Gaza 06. RZ Muzik - Acid Sex (Gay Fornication Mix) (Remastered) 07. Gonno - Acidse #2 08. Olive T - Opaque 09. INVT Zumbaya 10. Gerome Sportelli - Polymorph 11. ONYX - S.O.S. 12. Nic Ford - Cyberd

EOS: Radio Residency @eosfrankfurt 1:00hr
The second show for my residency with Frankfurt based radio station: EOS Radio. Originally aired on June 21st 2021. Tracklist: 01. Elvin T - Get Close 02. Dusk Recordings - Television (JP and Vulinej Fantasia Remix) 03. Jessie Ware - Hot N Heavy 04. Keita Sano - Us 05. Kasper Marott - NV Laser 06. Olive T - This Is A Bop 07. Adiel - In Tokyo (Original Mix) 08. Majorettes - House Amazing (Lady Blacktronika Remix) 09. ELO - Beta 10. OSSX - Sigh of Relief 11. rEAGENZ - dj friendly 12. Tom VR - Ikquion Lovers 13. Clarinets - Knee 14. Jessie Ware - Save A Kiss

EOS: Radio Residency @eosfrankfurt 1:00hr
The first show for my residency with Frankfurt based radio station: EOS Radio. Originally aired on May 28th 2021. Tracklist: 1. rEAGENZ - tz 2. Tom VR Soard Straight Through Me 3. Kim Ann Foxman - Connection (Luca Lozano Remix) 4. Massimiliano Pagliara - Unfettered 5. Hamza Rahimtu - Gold is God 6. rEAGENZ - ß 7. Jon Dixon - Our Love Goes Deeper (Original Mix) 8. Majorettes - Discotheque (P. Leone Remix) 9. Clarinets - Invisible Path 10. Jacob Meehan - Codependent Funk 11. Big Strick - Armed and Dangerous 12. LCSM "Likwid Continual Space Motion" - Weapon X (More Gems) 13. Dazzle Drums - Tibal Cora

Permanent Vacation @permvac 1:02hr
1. Clarinets - Dry Bridge (Funnuvojere Records) 2. Juan Ramos - Fahrt Im Himmel (Detroit Love Vol. 5 compiled by DJ Holographic) 3. Erasure - Secrets (Kim Ann Foxman Remix) 4. Total Eclipse - Teknophobia 5. Heidi Höven - Dancefloor Dreams (Dusk Camp) 6. z72.52 (MarceauxMarceaux)- Time Warp 7. Elvin T - The Pressure of Desire 8. C Powers - WXD 9. Jon Dixon - Five 15 10. Pontchartrain Feat. Javonntte 11. Majorettes - Dancefloor (Major Records) 12. Bézier - Stroboscope 13. Thirstkid - Bakaseshyon (88 - Double Happiness 𝗙𝘂𝗙𝘂 𝗥𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗱𝘀) 14. Cou Cou Bazar - Cou Cou Bazar (Dark Entries Records)

Deep South ATL @deepsouthatl 1:01hr
Mix for Atlanta crew Deep South. They are a Queer monthly w/ priority & visibility to femme, black, nb, poc, trans. This mix features tracks by: Jon Dixon, Brett LeBauve, Ann-Marie Teasley, DJ Girl, Stefan Ringer, Ariel Zetina, Xiaolin and more.

Refuge Worldwide @refugeworldwide 1:01hr
Mix for Berlin based radio station Refuge Worldwide. The station focuses on community-building and creating space / visibility for underrepresented artists. This mix features tracks by: Mong Tong, Sunju Hargun, Niklas Wandt, Majorettes, Eat Static, Dax Pierson and more

Rinse France @rinse_france 2:00hr
Based in Paris, London and all over the world with its online platforms, Rinse is not only a radio station but also: label, management, curation, cultural events. This mix features tracks by: Nautiluss, Good Xtreme, Alex Falk, Jon Dixon, Patrice Scott, Jovonn, Tom VR and more.

Live at Cocktail d'Amore @rinsefm 2:00hr
One month before the last Cocktail d'Amore at Griessmühle I played the main room on Sunday January 6th 2020 from 12:00-16:00. This is a two hour, in the zone, excerpt of that set.

Les Yeux Orange @les-yeux-orange 2:00hr
I heard about Les Yeux Orange when they were, just like me, part of a huge community of geeks, record diggers, music connoisseurs and gear freaks on The Cybernetic Broadcasting System forum (the webradio of I-F) where one of the members was going by the name of Noctambulo. Really excited to submit this downtempo yet heavy, heady set to one of my favorite crews.

DJ Mag @djmag 1:20hr
Tracklist: Spank Spank 'Hot Circuit' / Earthman 'Repeeto' / Unjin 'Atramentum (The End of The Orbit)' / Vin Sol 'Sutro Tower' / Agonis 'Huting Drums' / Mogwa 'Drizzle' / DBX 'Spock’s Brain' / Stefan Proper 'Known Travelr' / 장필순 '세월이 지나갈수록' / Valentino Mora 'Cinetica' / Buttechno 'Lozh' / Alex Falk 'U Talk' / S.M. Nurse 'Mort Automatique' / Xander Harris 'Bleak Celebration' / François X 'Espheni' / Micheal Claus 'Acid 4' / Richard Hohlburn 'Gross Gestures' / Doc Sleep 'M2M' / Earthman 'Radiant Bio Energy Field' / Smersh 'Sideways (Charles Manier Remix)' / Celldöd 'Vad Du Vill'

New Age Rage @newagerage 2:00hr
A 2 hour set for Eloise Leigh's (head designer at Dark Entries Records) New Age Rage show on Berlin Community Radio. An airy mix featuring finds of 80s Polish post-punk, electronics, and experimental pop while in Warsaw for a month. All material acquired Summer of 2017 with help and history lessons from local record diggers.

Sanpo Disco @sanpodisco 1:21hr
Tracklist: Morio Agata - コックテイル·マシーン / g. schmitt - no. 6 / Yumi Murata - 落椿~らくちん~ (edit) / 光GENJI - ガラスの十代 / Chiemi Manabe - ねらわれた少女 / Tetsuji Hayashi Starring Momoko Kikuchi - テラ戦士~チェイス~ / Chiemi Manabe - 不思議·少女 / Tetsuji Hayashi Starring Momoko Kikuchi - 悲しみのエスパーたち~フレイムへの挑戦~ / Taeko Ohnuki - Le Courant de Mecontentment / Portray Heads - Elaborate Dummy / Daisuck & Prostitute - m.u.r.a. / g. schmitt - bulerias / Morio Agata - サブマリン / Zelda - ミラージュ·ラヴァー / Jin Cromanyon - Pulse Beat / Akiko Yano - I Sing (edit) / Mori-Ra - Mermaid / Akina Nakamori - Mushroom Dance / Seiko - Matsuda - 妖しいニュアンス (edit) / Portray Heads - Watch Your Scope / Yoran - Tagalong / Sculla - Phantom of Coast / Shun - Shun II / Surrealistic Men - Distant Jesture

Boiler Room @platform 1:03hr
A mix for Boiler Room's Residents' Hour series. "A soundtrack consisting of industrial, new wave and high energy music. “Dig It” by the industrial band Skinny Puppy chugs slowly at a 90 bpm tempo. The Sisterhood’s “Colours” is played at the wrong speed – but then, a jolt comes as “Death Domain” starts in double time at 180 BPM, showing listeners how malleable time is."

Acid Camp @acidcamp 1:00hr
Tracklist: 1. Throbbing Gristle - Hot on The Heels of Love 2. David Van Tieghem - These Things Happen 3. Bézier - Centrifuge 4. Boxcar - Freemason 5. Nitzer Ebb - Murderous 6. Anne Clark - Our Darkness 7. DJ Sneak - Tweekin' 8. Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser 9. This Morn' Omnia - Nagash 10. Chez Damier - Can You Feel It 11. Cancer Boy - Untitled (B1) 12. Experimental Products - Glowing in The Dark 13. Mr. Lee - Rock This Place 14. Modern Rockety - (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone 15. Fake - Donna Rouge 16. Xymox - Obsession

Honcho @honchopgh 1:18hr
Honored to have been the second mix for Honcho's prestigious podcast series that has now grown to become the main platform for new and rising artists in the queer dance music sphere. This mix came out 2014 and it's wild to think how long we've progressed since then! Much love to my queer fam <3.